CrushCrush Couture

Jewelry + Passion For A Better World!


Charli’s Journey

The story of CrushCrush began 2 years ago while I was suffering through a horrific divorce and felt that I might end up living on the streets. Would I be able to support my beautiful daughter? Would my business survive?

At the same time, I kept running into people who were in deep distress one way or another. The news told story after story about people losing their homes to bad mortgage lenders. Others were losing their jobs due to the economy. There were people who were hungry and looking to do any type of work just to make enough to feed their families. I said to myself, “This is not God’s way. We need to help one another and come from love.”

So even though I had financial problems of my own, I began giving away my clothes to people in need. Whenever I could, I also donated money, even though my own financial situation was not stable.  I felt I had to give emotional and financial support to those in need – even though I had the same needs myself.

In my quest to survive, I decided I had to try and do something about all the troubles I was witnessing every day. I did a lot of praying to God, asking for a way forward and for a sign…a sign to how I could help others.

I own a marketing company and whenever I went to my industry tradeshows, I would see that — even in a bad economy — people were persistently buying jewelry.

Then it hit me – my OMG moment!  No matter what’s going on in their lives, people always need a way to express themselves — whether it’s with tattoos, piercings, clothing or jewelry.  Jewelry is an inexpensive way for people to express their feelings…a way to feel good about themselves.

I know that’s what I do. When I have a look in mind, I express it though jewelry. I know how even a small, inexpensive piece of jewelry can make me feel better as I start my day…or when someone compliments me on what I’m wearing.

So I came up with a simple concept — how great would it be to buy a piece of jewelry (at a discount) and be able to give back to people, animals, and the environment at the same time. So CrushCrush Couture was born with the goal of giving a discount on jewelry and also giving back with a passion to those in need.

I just love the idea that you can do something for yourself, and help others at the same time. That’s why I’m so excited about what I’m doing.

Creating change begins with you and me. And when this succeeds, as I know it will, together we will change the world.

CrushCrush…wear it with passion and pride!


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